The new book "The butterfly garden” just released 

But that’s not a dress, it’s a garden full of butterflies sighed Myrto enviously the moment she set eyes on the lovely dress her sister’s godmother had given her.’


Little Katia’s godmother always has a gift for Myrto, too. This time it is a pink dress together with a butterfly brooch that will set off all her clothes and make them prettier. Myrto pins it on and admires herself in the mirror. The little butterfly resting on her heart is like a soul of love and makes her dress look perfect (In Greek, ‘soul’ can also mean ‘butterfly’). In her imagination it begins to flutter its wings and as it does so the dress slowly fills with brightly coloured little souls from every corner of the world, fearlessly touching wings to get become accustomed to one another and become loving friends. Every day the pink dress becomes lovelier as the earth’s butterflies come and go in all their wonderful colours and varieties. They are as different in character as the countries that they come from, yet in their interaction we see metaphors for universal human values, the struggle for human rights and peoples’ longing for a better world.

Publisher: Metaixmio, 2013