Sophia invites her little friends to make their own butterflies and join her in a journey around Greece. 

A dress full of butterflies that will travel to every part of the earth..

Sophia Madouvalou took her scissors.. took her threads.. and became a butterfly dressmaker for a day.. She wasn’t alone.. she had little assistants with colorful crayons at their hands helping her make the most beautiful dress..  that will carry children’s thoughts and dreams about human’s rights, intercultural values and love..

This journey began November 9th from Athens..Sophia recounted the story of the beautiful butterflied dress and then…the real fun began! With a lot of imagination and with all our crayons and colorful pencils we started to sew.. We made our paper butterflies and sew them carefully on our paper dress.. We were so happy to make a dress that will travel all over Greece and more children will draw and put their colors on it!!