'30 years of dreaming, writing and acting
for self-awareness and a better world
are rewarded by the IBBY 2014 Greek candidacy
for the International Hans Christian Andersen award.'


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MEDEA Awards 2012 for “A letter - A story”
"A Letter - A Story”, the interactive learning environment, gets the Highly Commended distinction by MEDEA Awards 2012.

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Sophia Madouvalou talks with Dimitris Giagtzoglou
Sophia Madouvalou talked with Dimitris Giagtzoglou, on Wednesday 19 March at Alpha 989 Radio!

Find the interview here

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New Book: I -Always- Have Rights
A book on the rights of the child which sends a strong message of solidarity and humanity. Ten Greek authors write ten short stories for the children of UNICEF.

Sophia happily participate in the book with the story of Dura Mastsouka.

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"The prince who turned into a castle"
The book “The prince who turned into a castle” short listed for best illustrated children’s book, Anagnostes (Readers Literary Magazine) Prize 2013



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Sophia Madouvalou talks with Nikos Thrassivoulou
 Sophia Madouvalou talks with Nikos Thrassivoulou,
on Sunday 7 September at BHMA FM 99,5 Radio .

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New e-book “A letter – A story”

24 verse fairy tales
Author: Sophia Madouvalou
Illustration: Aristarchos Papadaniel
Syllipsis Publications / e-book, Athens, May 2013
Adaptation in English: Pierra Fotiadou

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Sophia Madouvalou's interview to ifeelkid radio
Sophia Madouvalou will give an interview at ifeelkid online radio

Wensday, 05.03.2014 at 18:00-19:00


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Sophia invites her little friends to make their own butterflies and join her in a journey around Greece.
A dress full of butterflies that will travel to every part of the earth..

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Sophia Madouvalou - Candidate for Andersen Award (IBBY 2014)
The author claims the International IBBY Hans Christian Andersen Award 2014 for her 30- year work in greek literature, among 29 authors from around the world.

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The Dress of the Earth goes to Aspropirgos

This week Sophia Madouvalou visited Aspropirgos' cultural center with "The Dress of th

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